Whether you’re a small start up or an enterprise organization, creating a short-term and and long-term “Corporate Recruiting Strategy” is essential to any business.  Take a minute to read Why Your Recruiting Strategy Matters.  What’s even more important, is to recognize that as our economy and the talent market ebb and flow, the need to revisit this strategy every quarter is imperative.  Two years ago, amidst massive layoffs, scraping job boards may have done the trick.  However, we’ve reached a point where, depending on industry and vertical, the most talented individuals are currently working and are considered “passive candidates.”  Reaching across numerous resources and leveraging Social Media 2.0 best practices and methodologies are a must in order to meet both of your short-term and long-term strategies.

If you don’t have the internal resources or skill sets in your company to implement these strategies, I highly suggest that you hire a third party organization that does to help streamline your hiring process.  Don’t settle for anything less than “A” talent.

  1. Jason B says:

    Good stuff Mike. As our economy has changed the last few years, the points you make are imperative to successful recruiting. I find the information you present to be informative and relevant.

  2. David Gardner says:


    Again, another great point. With all of the resources available online like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., there is a wealth of information to the enterprising individual that is willing to put in the work to utilize these assets.

    The economy will always be a factor or variable that affects the staffing industry. The key is to continue to work hard, utilize whatever tools that are available, and stick to the basics.

    I wish you continued success with this site!


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